[In]Formal Presentation

First things first.

RavingDevs is not a person or a company. It’s just an idea that came to my mind and I liked it, so I decided to adopt it as my identity whenever I write, tweet or rave about technological stuff, as you will see in my sign below.

Now, Hello everyone!

This is a new blog about code ravings, yes, you read right, ravings. Maybe you are wondering about why this guy has started writing a blog when there are millions, I mean… trillions! of blogs out there doing more or less the same thing. Well, not exactly the same, most bloggers out there are sane and they know what they’re doing, here I don’t know what the result will be though. I’m also pretty sure I’m not that sane either.

Anyway, one of my reasons to start blogging is try to help people to improve themselves by finding solutions to problems in this site, or just maybe entertaining. I’ve been inspired by other authors who encourage their readers to start contributing by blogging, answering Stackoverflow questions, etc… and here I am. I don’t know if I consider myself a good writer (which I’ll find out soon I guess), if I am doing this blogging stuff right or even if all these words are correctly aligned to provide meaning because English is not my native language. That drives me to my second reason, I want to improve my writing skills in this beautiful language, English, which I personally consider the language of knowledge.

Finally, the third reason (but not the last one) is that writing things somewhere could be useful to me in many ways: first to learn writing skills as I said, second to have some kind of personal diary to post things I find interesting, third to express myself, fourth… whatever, I don’t think that’s interesting to you.

About the future content of this site, it won’t be topic-centered, mostly anything related to technology or software development could be found here. Maybe I will post or write about other people’s content which I found specially worthy. Surely I will write a lot about Android code because I love it as a developer.

So… said that I just want to thank you for reading my ravings and I hope you make an habit of it. See you in my first serious-content post!

PS: You can leave a comment or contact me through Twitter at @RavingDevs 

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    1. Thank you Leonel. I don’t have much time to write lately but I will soon!

      PS: Sorry your comment didn’t appeared sooner I had to approve it and I had no idea, now the configuration is changed and everyone should be able to comment freely.

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